10. Are we?

We are made of

People we love

And people we hate.

Of songs,

And movies,

And random phrases.

Of fears,

And longings,

And everything

We already lost.

Are we actually people

Or just a mix

Of experiences?


To a new city

Traveling to a new city is like entering the house of a new lover.

The desire, the anticipation, the fear:

– What if I am lost? What if…?

After a few days you will know:

Here’s the coffee, here the coffee cups are.

You will have the map of his body.

And the smell.

You will wear the smell of a new city, and of a new lover

Like a souvenir.


That’s why we make love

And that’s why we travel:

To steal the smell.


And they

Let us.

Woman leaving entrance door carrying two suitcases, low section


Мы – поколение,

Которое путешествиями

Лечит даже зубную боль.


Я когда-то напишу книгу.

По главе

с каждого



Arta este egoistă.

Te umple cu idei, gânduri, figuri de stil

Și ca să nu te sugrume

Să nu te mănânce din interior

Lași tot acest conținut pe o coală de hârtie

Sau o coală de Word.


De altfel,

Vei deveni doar o husă

De transportat