9 days = 8 cities

Day 1. 

San Marino is calm as an aging man who knows what he can offer you. He is not begging for your attention. He is sincere and noble.

Day 2.

As to Rimini… Rimini is a man in his forties. He is handsome as hell, he lives in an old villa and he is rich. What you don’t know about him is that he takes his grand-grandfather’s boat from time to time and goes fishing. He comes home with tanned nose and cheeks and cooks the fish, shrimps, and mussels on the open fire for his big family. And to be honest, Rimini is totally my type ❤

Day 3.

Bologna is a nonna. A typical Italian one. She is plump, she has red round cheeks and messy hair. Her clothes absorbed the smell of food and have a lot of flour spots on them. She will feed you well, be sure.

Day 4.

Parma is a girl. A bit provincial and shy, but still attractive. Probably the lack of self-confidence is the reason people don’t appreciate her beauty.

Day 5.

Milano is the man you admire but you know you won’t have. He will seduce you with his good taste in architecture, and music, and fashion. Actually, his hobby is seducing.

Day 6.

Do you know that type of not attractive men that have a lot of women? Bucharest is such a man. He has a personality and a strong charisma. And, somehow, you forget he isn’t handsome.

Day 7-8.

Sofia is a middle-aged woman. She is into traditions and the smell of roses. One single thing creates the disharmony: she doesn’t embrace her age and tries to look younger, wearing brand logos on all of her streets. You can trust her by night, but in the daylight you will easily recognize her real age.

Day 9.

Warsaw is a man. A bit corporatist, well raised, with a good background in science, history, and music. All his wars are over, the scars are already wounded, but he represents the great example of how to revive and rebuild yourself after a struggle.

Day 10